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Neat Idea: Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

I am not a great cook by any stretch of the imagination but for the bride-to-be who does love to cook, here are ideas to help you throw a kitchen or cooking-themed bridal shower.


Send guests invitations framed on mini cutting boards for a kitchen-stocking shower or or modify recipe cards with the time and address. Cutting Board Invitations shown here are from Martha Stewart. Have the invitations made or use clip art of your own. Try these great freebies from Graphics Fairy. Center each on a board; attach with double-sided tape. Wrap with ribbon, and mail in a small padded envelope


Give guests a theme for their gifts. Ask guests to bring either a favorite kitchen gadget, cookbook or gourmet ingredients for their favorite recipe. Or have every guest bring their tried and true recipes and create a recipe book out of them for the bride.


In keeping with the theme, use food related items to decorate the tables. Colanders make great containters for floral arrangements. Just lightly soak a florist foam block and place inside colander. If you are worried about leaking, line the colander with a plastic bag. Insert flowers!


Dont forget your food! Use appetizers and desserts that require a bit of interaction like fondue, a hamburger slider bar or decorate-your-own sugar cookies.

How can you have food and not drinks? Bring on the cocktails! Go retro with gin and tonics or old-fashioneds. Or spice it up with a margarita bar or hard lemonade!

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