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Painting by the Table Numbers

I love unique table numbers. My new favorite idea is painted, stenciled or labeled bottles used as table numbers. What a fantastic idea and easy DIY project!

All you need are:

Milk bottles
Wine bottles
Glass cylinders
Number stencil
Glass Paint

You can by stencils but they are easy enough to create on your computer. Choose a font you love and print. Use sharp scissors and cut out the black space, creating a negative to fill in. Attach the stencil to a clean bottle and tape in place with masking tape. Be sure there is no gaps between the bottle and your stencil so your final number is clean and not smudged.

There are several types of glass paints you can use, for best results do not choose translucent or opaque paints. Also be sure to read the directions carefully for your chosen paint as some glass paints must be baked on to create a permanent design.

Only thing you paint is your toenails? Then check out these lovely premade bottles at Letter Box.

Or head over to the always perfect Wedding Chicks for FREE printable table numbers.  Just print and affix to your bottles!

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