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How to Throw a Wine Party

A wine flight party is a great way to discover new and unusual wines with an intimate gathering of friends. Supplies are simple, all you need are guests and wine. The essence of the party is the flight, or a two–ounce tasting/ pour of three or four different wines united by a common theme.

Invite like minded friends and as a budget booster and for added possibilities and undiscovered gems ask each guest to bring one bottle of their favorite red and white wine. It encourages experimentation, conversation and wine education. The following is a series of ideas to increase the fun:

Blind bottles: have each guest wrap their bottle in a brown paper bag, hiding the label and then have fellow guests rate the wine sight unseen. Give gift certificates to your local wine store to the winner.

Best Wine under $10: Our personal neighborhood favorite - have each guest bring their choice for best wine under $10 (or less). Encourages guests to be really creative! For an interesting mix double this with the blind bottle and have your guests really suprised!

The Flight: Choose a region for each category and then choose three Reds, Whites and Sparkling Wines from the selected group. Start with the sparkling wines, which are perfect aperitifs. The three different wines can be compared for fruitiness, minerality and yeastiness. Serve oysters on the half shell and assorted cured olives with this course.

Move on to whites. Serve with bacon–wrapped scallops and peppered peaches. Follow up with your reds. Serve with thin–sliced salumi or cold strips of beef and fresh mozzarella served with toasted bread.

Download invitations, place cards and bottle tags here.


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