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What would Kate do?

 When in doubt ask yourself... what would Kate do?

And for the gents...a study in using your spidey senses

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To DIY for: Peter Pan Pear Collar

"Take off your geek chic training wheels and become a little wiser with this do it yourself pearl collar necklace." Or at least that's what it says on Style Hive where I found this little DIY charmer. I say work it!

What you'll need:
1 piece of 81/2 x 11 creme piece of felt
2 yards of strung pearls.
glue gun or E600 adhesive
1 ft ribbon
1 piece of paper
hole puncher

How to:
Step 1
- Fold your piece of paper in two. Sketch half of your collar from the folded side out. You can also print an image of your favorite peter pan collar and trace over half of it to make this part easier. Then cut out your paper collar and unfold it to reveal your stencil.
Step 2 - Place your paper stencil on the felt and trace around the edges. Then cut out your felt collar.
Step 3 - Place your adhesive around the outer edges of the collar.
Step 4 - Keeping the pearls strung, carefully place them in rows behind one another. You can cut the end of each strand and continue to use it as each row gets smaller.
Step 5 - Add in pearls where missing and let dry.
Step 6 - To turn your collar into a necklace punch holes at each end.
Step 7 - Thread one piece of ribbon through each hole and tie.

For a visual guide as well as to see the original post click here

Freebie Friday: Spooky Halloween Table Tents

Need some last minute spook for your Halloween bash? Try these FREE Halloween table tents for your tables. Just fill em in with your ghoulish delights

Design Sneak Peak: Clearly Typography

Perhaps the name speaks for itself... clearly its all about the typography

Available now in my esty shop

Design Sneak Peak: Geometra

Okay so I have a new love affair with pattern... it can happily join my other obsessions. Inspired by a pair of vintage chevron curtains, Geometra features a beautiful retro geometric patterned cover and some nifty custom icons to add to the fun.

Real Weddings: Katharine and Kyle

I am southern girl so of course I love Southern Weddings Magazine. So imagine my delight when Katharine Waterman from SWM asked me to create her stationery! It was pure joy of course!

Four for Fall

I love Fall. Check these four fall snapsnots of Brides who dig Fall too.

Real Weddings: Cari and Jason

I love it when real brides send sneak peeks themselves but I don't mind stumbling on it myself.  Visit Claryphoto to see more of Cari and Jasons gorgeous wedding!

Sending Good Cheer 2011: All Ye Faithful

Pumpkins are on the porch, leaves are starting to fall and Turkey Day is just around the corner
so you know what that means! Its time to starting think about those choosing this years Holiday Cards.

When making your choice there is no better place to start then over at Minted.  This years assortment selected from the Sending Good Cheer Challenge  promises to be the best Holiday Card assortment ever. The designs are show stoppingly gorgeous and there is a design and style for everyone. When taking a peek if you wouldnt mind . . . glance at my own design All Ye Faithful while your there.

I am pleased as punch to say that it was the fourth place winner in this years challenge. Competition was stiff, with over 2251 entries choc full o' gorgeousness I am honored to be in such amazing company. Please run don't walk to see the rest of the top 10, and please please peek at 11 thru 20th for more heart stopping design and for yet more eye candy please dont leave until you see the beyond beautiful special award winnners in this years collection.  Happy Shopping!

DIY: Custom Bride and Groom Chair Signs

Wanna add some style to your seats of honor on your big day for under $5.00? Try these DIY custom bride and groom chair signs!

  • 2 unfinished wood frames from Micheals
  • 2 precut wooden letters - use B and G or change it up and use your initials. Hint: just make sure they fit within your frames opening. If you purchase unfinished letters, you will just have to paint them.
  • wide ribbon
  • 2 sheets of scrapbook paper
  • spray adhesive

Start by taking the glass and backer out of the frame. You will not be using the glass so put that aside.

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit your picture backer. Apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper and carefully affix to the wooden backer.

If your letters are not already finished, paint them in white or a coordinating color for your wedding. Using hot glue, wood glue or adhesive, glue your letters to the center of the scrapbook covered backer and set aside.

Take your unfinished frames, using spray paint or acrylic paint, completely paint your frames. Once dry insert your scrapbook covered backer into the frame and lock in place.

Cut two lengths of ribbon. One long enough to attach to your chair and the other long enough to create a bow. Attach one end of your ribbon with a staple gun to the back of the frame. Hang over the ladder back of your chair and knot other end of ribbon thru a rung on the chair or for a clean look staple to back of frame. Take remaining length of ribbon and tie a bow around your ribbon loop. Voila!

Its a Bloomin Wreath

Springs over but better late than never! A flower festooned wreath program for the floral smitten bride. Soon on sale in my esty shop. Fall and Winter brides take heart... a holiday version is coming tommorrow!

Art of the Envelope

Are you addressing your envelopes and looking for something a little different? Well this is not your grandma's calligraphy! Try these fun and FREE handwritten fonts.

Simply that's the name of the font but it is pretty no?

Not your style? No worries! Head over to dafont and find one that works for you.

Say Yes to the Dress: Go BoHo

I am addicted to Project Runway... there I said it. There is just something about the creative willpower required to create a knock down rock on dress in 24 hours with a $100 worth of fabric, a zipper and some buttons. Seriously have you seen the geniuses on that show? I am also coveting their digital sketch books but that's another road best not taken.

Anyhoo, never genius can always be at your fingertips dear readers even if you can't sew a stitch...just check Esty . I found this stunning Bohemian wonder whipped up by ktjean. Wow! Can I just say wow.

Drool worthy and only $1600.00! Happy Shopping!

Catwomen Explains Life on Earth

Something new to purrr about... a cat-a-log of wisdom. Julie Newmar the original catwoman pens a self-help guide filled with little gems of affirmations, obervations and sage advice. My fav? "Women bloom later in life. Some of them like roses, bloom, and rebloom and re-bloom."

Joy to the World 2011: Making Spirits Bright

Sooooo another exciting announcement! While most of the world was sunning and sipping cool drinks by the pool I was designing holiday cards. The payoff off for tearing myself away from jug o' margaritas? Picture perfect holiday greetings which are now available over at Crane.

Being selected by Crane to design holiday cards was a "pinch me I must be dreaming moment" but to learn twelve of my designs were selected for sale was an OMG of the highest order. I won't bore you with all twelve but I will urge you to visit Crane and see all the lovely designs now available. Shop early and save 10%!