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Reboot. Rebrand. Rebirth.

There are three things I love in life, my family, good coffee and pretty paper. But I have to be honest with you, lately I have been having a really hard time keeping up with them all. Trying to balance between my kids, my marriage and my business... not to mention some semblance of a social life. It's been really hard and well, I am kinda falling down on the job over here. So after considerable thought, maybe some hair pulling, okay a lot of hair pulling, and a little teeth gnashing,  I decided that in order to survive and truly thrive some things were going to need to change.

 First change is the end of this blog. Let's face it. Blogging is hard work and well... I am just not all that good with it. Second change well... head on over to That Girl Press and see for yourself.  

The University Iowa scores another one!

Recently my sister-in-law asked me to create graduation announcements for my nephew. I of course was honored. Made me sad too. So hard to imagine this little guy all grown up and headed off to college. He's following his brother to University of Iowa so there is some hidden humour in the announcement and of course a Hawkeye!


West Elm and Minted

I've been itching to try my hand at photography and the latest opportunity over at Minted was the perfect chance. Check out my art prints Clouded in Mystery  and Branchin Out styled with some West Elm goodies.
Clouded West Elm by 2BSquared Designs, see more
Organic West Elm by 2BSquared Designs, see more Minted art prints

Southern boys wear bow ties

Is is just me or does something about gingham make you think CUTE? Perhaps it's my Southern roots but show me a gingham bow tie and it conjures images of slightly fidgety, bordering on unruly but incredibly cute boys. Big ones and little one and most definitely Southern ones. So when I found these stupendously awesome classic gingham bow ties from The Cordial Churchman  -- I thought, I know what somebodies wearing for Easter. Sadly the youngest has flat out refused but the eldest rocked his last weekend for a school function. I won't lie, I was one proud momma.

Inspiration Board: Rustic Wedding

Inspiration Board: Blended Space

Inspiration Board: A Bloomin Wreath