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Helpful Tips: Addressing your Envelopes

The invites are in! They are just as beautiful as you thought they'd be. Now just to hand address all 150 of them.

So how exactly do you address your wedding envelopes? The following guidelines should help you with the most common situations and even with a few etiquette hurdles, but do keep in mind that these are formal guidelines. For less formal couples and less formal situations, using first names on inner envelopes or no titles on engagement or shower envelopes is perfectly acceptable.

While 2Bsquared Designs does not offer hand calligraphy we do offer envelope addressing. Envelopes are individually addressed using historical fonts, providing a wonderful hand calligraphied look at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional hand calligraphy.  But whether you are using my services of those of the many extremely talented hand calligraphers available be sure you understand the rules of your calligrapher before submitting your lists.

Outer Envelopes
  • Use full names, including the first names. Example: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fitzhugh
  • Abbreviations such as "St." or "Ave" are never used. However you may use abbreviated titles such as "Mr.", "Mrs." and "Dr."
  • In the unique situtation where both guests are doctors. Use the following example:  "Dr and Mrs. Peter Fitzhugh" or "The Doctors Fitzhugh"
  • Initials should not be used for middle names; either spell them out or leave them. However, if a guest never uses his/her given name, do not use it on their invitation; in this instance, an initial is acceptable.
  • Roomates, siblings and or adults living in the same household who are not romantically involved, should each receive their own invitation. 
  • Couples living together but who are not married, will share an invitation. However, the womans name should always appear on the first line followed by his name on the second line.
  • Children over the age of eighteen but still living at home should recieve their own invitation.
  • If you are allowing your guests to bring dates and know who your guest is bringing as a date, include his/her name on the outer envelope.
  • Guests should not be included on the outer envelope, unless you are only using outer envelopes. If you do not have inner envelopes, you may address your guest dates by name or as "and guest" on the outer envelope. For example: Mr. Peter Fitzhugh and guest
  • Children also should not be included on the outer envelope, unless you are only using outer envelopes. If you do not have inner envelopes, you may address the envelopes including the childrens surnames. For example: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fitzhugh                                                                                Marvin and Heather
  • Do not use symbols. Always spell out # as "Number" and & as "and".
  • Use figures only when writing house numbers and zip codes. Example: 1401 West Fourth Street
  • Spell out state names - Illinois, not IL
Inner Envelopes
  • Only surnames and titles are used. Example: Mr. and Mrs. Fitzhugh
  • If children are allowed. Write the first names of children to be invited below the parents’ names in order of age.
  • Children over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation, even if they are still living at home.
  • Omit names of children if children are not invited.
  • If allowing your single guests to bring dates, address the inner envelope with your friend's name followed by "and guest." Example Mr. Fitzhugh and guest
For more information and situations not covered here, please visit feel free to contact me if you have specific questions.

Neat Idea: BBQ Themed Couples Shower

I am a southern girl, from Texas to be exact so therefore I hold these truths to be self evident ... there is nothing better than a warm day, cold beer, sweet iced tea and BBQ.

So what could be better than a BBQ themed engagement party or couples shower? Fire up that grill y'all and lets get cookin!  Need some inspiration? Check out this gorgeous party from Frilly Milly Events

Request that the gifts reflect the couple’s shower theme. A fun idea could be a personalized apron, a travel BBQ grill, or maybe, a set of stainless steel BBQ tools and a digital thermometer . Be sure to also check out the personalized barbecue favors like bottles of barbecue sauce labeled especially for the happy couple! The key to making a couple’s shower successful is to focus on making making the party a laid-back and casual affair. Have fun Y'all!

Neat Idea: Cooking Themed Bridal Shower

I am not a great cook by any stretch of the imagination but for the bride-to-be who does love to cook, here are ideas to help you throw a kitchen or cooking-themed bridal shower.


Send guests invitations framed on mini cutting boards for a kitchen-stocking shower or or modify recipe cards with the time and address. Cutting Board Invitations shown here are from Martha Stewart. Have the invitations made or use clip art of your own. Try these great freebies from Graphics Fairy. Center each on a board; attach with double-sided tape. Wrap with ribbon, and mail in a small padded envelope


Give guests a theme for their gifts. Ask guests to bring either a favorite kitchen gadget, cookbook or gourmet ingredients for their favorite recipe. Or have every guest bring their tried and true recipes and create a recipe book out of them for the bride.


In keeping with the theme, use food related items to decorate the tables. Colanders make great containters for floral arrangements. Just lightly soak a florist foam block and place inside colander. If you are worried about leaking, line the colander with a plastic bag. Insert flowers!


Dont forget your food! Use appetizers and desserts that require a bit of interaction like fondue, a hamburger slider bar or decorate-your-own sugar cookies.

How can you have food and not drinks? Bring on the cocktails! Go retro with gin and tonics or old-fashioneds. Or spice it up with a margarita bar or hard lemonade!

Grab it: Minted Invitation Giveaway

Its here! Minted's is launching its  Spring 2011 Wedding Collection  and to celebrate they are having a big ol' fat giveaway! This year they are offering not just one full invitation suite for 100, but two full suites for two lucky brides, valued at $700 each. Invitations start at just $134 for 50. Check out just some of the gorgeous items now for sale.

All you have to do to enter this incredible giveaway is to go here  and leave a comment about your favorite design. Or you can friend Minted on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. If you Tweet about this giveaway you can be entered up to three times; just leave a comment that says “And I friended you” or “I tweeted about this awesome giveaway.”